Preparing for preparing for change
Odd title eh. The purpose of this title is to reinforce the idea that a foundational knowledge
of change has, until now, been missing so whenever you or your organization decide it's
time to prepare for an anticipated or desired change, you should first prepare for preparing
by learning the foundation of any and all change before learning how to manage the specific
change you expect to occur. Changeology won't replace any of the excellent techniques and
practices for implementing change, but it will improve the effectiveness of any. In fact after
learning about the characteristics and principles of any change you should re-read any books
you've already read that are about change management to uncover any hidden gems and
expose any fallacies.

Preparing for preparing for change can be delivered as a brief presentation now and will
be available as a full day workshop. I'd love to speak to your trade group, book club,
men's group, women's group, class, or professional association.

Another idea of Kevin Stumpf   •   1 Cor 15:58   •   2013Oct11