one has power - Remember, it takes only one, and you're the one.
Who will make the incredible changes that must be made? Who will do what is necessary to replace the status
quo with a future that we thought was imaginary? We're not talking utopia here, but a future in which genuine
harmony is the norm instead of violence (in all its forms) and in which there is enough compassion to endure
troubles, that only imperfect humans can bring on each other, without resorting to violence. Who? You! You have
what it takes. You were born with power. No one gave it to you. No one can take it from you. No law protects it
for you. You don't need an expert, the state, or movements to excerise or express it. You can uphold wonderful
acts of innovation and sacrifice just as you are. one has power prepares you to accept the power you were born with.

Classical power is dysfunctional ‐ it always has been. Power does not equal force. Might is not right. Bigger
is not better. Status and prestige do not grant power. one has power ignores the classical view of power because
it harms instead of helps and, any way, it probably won't survive the times ahead.

one has power puts power in its place, with us. We are reminded that our inherent power makes us significant therefore
we have a responsibility to uphold what is helpful. We are encouraged to resist forfeiting our power to movements,
the state (in all its forms), and experts. We are instructed to exert our power from an agape frame of mind. It needs
to be clarified that this is not a rousing motivational speech nor is it an exploration of our "inner selves". It is
simply a reminder for when we feel helpless, voiceless, and powerless, that each of us is born with power that we can,
and must, freely use to make the awkward, challenging, incredible, and necessary changes ‐ personally, locally, and
globally ‐ that must soon be made.

one has power is available in draft form as a PPT converted to pdf.

Another idea of Kevin Stumpf   •   1 Cor 15:58   •   2013Nov21