Nostalgic Technophile - old technology turns me on
The Nostalgic Technophile morphed from an attempt to create a community of collectors of
vintage technology into a newspaper column about collecting vintage technology. It was
published in newspapers serving the antique community throughout north eastern Canada and
USA. The full text version of a variety of installments will eventually be mounted here.

While we're talking about it, let's also broach the topic of properly naming content on the
on the Internet. What I mean is that so many sites claim to cater to vintage technology enthusiasts
when in fact they cater to a narrow portion of technology. For example there was a website
called One would think the selection of magazines would cover things such
as vaccum tube radios, boat motors, minicomputers, flashlights, earthmovers, shavers, telephones...
you know technology, but the site listed only old computer magazines. When I contacted the owner
and curator of the site and asked him why he choose the domain name he did, but then limit the
content he didn't understand my question. Nuts eh. So much for the semantic web. By the way, that
list of technology above (boat motors, shavers, etc.) are some of collectibles covered in the column.
The list also included lawnmowers, calculators, you know, vintage technology.