Head-Heart Coordination
We are logical and loving beings. We are not one or the other, we are both. Imagine what
could be accomplished if humans learned to apply the right mix of them to every thought and
action? Head-Heart Coordination attempts to harness that power and energy. It is a skill
that is based on timeless truths packaged in a way to make them relevant today.

Head-Heart Coordination follows on the heels of Hand-Eye Coordination (HEC). It is to the
Information Age what HEC was to the Industrial Age. In keeping with the cerebral theme of
the Info Age, the elements of the name Head-Heart Coordination corresponds metaphorically
to logic and love instead of the direct, physical connection the name HEC has.

Head-Heart Coordination will soon be available as a brief presentation and as a course.
It is suitable, if not essential, information for all groups including (especially) business
groups. Logical love. Sweet!

See also agape love.

Another idea of Kevin Stumpf   •   1 Cor 15:58   •   Created: 2013Oct11 Updated 2018Jul01