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Life isn't what we think it is. We're not merely living, we're changing. Everything changes from the
moment a person or thing exists until she, he, or it no longer exists. In other words existing = changing.
Because we haven't understood the relationship between changing and living we are caught in a downward
spiral of building less and less desirable futures resulting in us becoming less and less of what we are
meant to be. Outwardly we appear to be sophisticated yet our barbaric past and present prove otherwise.
Inwardly we're withering. Unaware of our incapacitated state we continue developing supposedly sophisticated,
big yet harmful things and deprecate the little helpful things in life so now the future consists of problems
too big for the big things to solve alone.

The human condition is caught in a paradox – we believe we're sophisticated therefore this must be as
good as it gets, yet if we are sophisticated we'd know this is NOT as good as it gets. Our ignorance of change
sustains the paradox. Understanding change dismisses it. Without it we're admitting we are not who we think we
are. Unencumbered by arrogance we can pursue making "this" better than we ever dreamt was possible.

The Delta Manifesto introduces an entirely new, comprehensive, and generic view of change forming a foundation
for both becoming what we are meant to be and building harmonious futures that we thought were only imaginary.
In other words: declare a new understanding of change, mend the damage caused by the absence of one, and
advocate ways of applying it.

Another idea of Kevin Stumpf   •   1 Cor 15:58   •   2013Oct12