Battery Based Lifestyle
These two performance art pieces produced 10 years apart attempt to both:
    document the extent of the application of batteries in the design of cordless and wireless devices
    highlight the pitfalls and limitations of the so called "freedom" lifestyle sparked by battery-based devices
It's important to clarify the scope of technologies included in the battery-based lifestyle.
BBL includes cordless and wireless devices (and these terms have not been applied to automobiles).

Battery-Based Lifestyle - 2003 - For Better or Worse
A social comment in performance art form on the potential consequences of the rampant use
of cordless and wireless, battery-based technology. Please hang in there and watch until
the very end. You see I thought it would last less than 10 minutes, but in fact it is nearly 20.

Battery-Based Lifestyle - 2013 - The Limits of Technology
A social comment in performance art form on the dichotomy between claims that wireless,
battery-based technology will improve the quality of our lives and how systemic social
problems prevail even when "supported" by technology . Campy as Kevin can be.

Too much of a good thing is harmful. Even love can smother when it is out of control.
So you're probably saying "duh, like nuf's been said about the dangers of technology."
Well like "no", enough hasn't been said. Proof = we're still continuously automechomobily
enhancing our lives (and soon our beings), but nothing good has come out of it. Oh sure
those slick, thin, shiny, battery-based, fit-in-your palm things pull some pretty crazy
stunts, but how have those things improved justice, fairness, and freedom? Answer = have not
therefore this discourse is not over so this 5 minute video is not harmful.

Me...a Luddite? Hardly. I am the original nostalgic technophile -- I collected 60 tons of
vintage mainframes, mini, and micro-computers. I use info appliances, but my tablet and
smartphone are merely tools. They do not possess extraordinary powers like technocrats
would like us to believe. Indeed they are marvels, but what's more astounding is that we
can conceive and perfect them then embrace them until they become ubiquitous all the while
ignoring the needs of thousands of children, women, and men who are lonely, destitute,
oppressed, and just disheartened. If we're so smart how come we can't apply ourselves to helping them?

Yet perhaps the BBL message is moot. Even if you agree with me and enjoy my performance art,
perhaps we're both wrong because we're pursuing solutions to the wrong problem. As the saying goes,
"The problem isn't that the system is broken. The problem is that it's the wrong system."

Until enough of us accept that observation and act accordingly we should still try to make
existence better tomorrow than it is today and do that without depending on technology.

Another idea of Kevin Stumpf   •   1 Cor 15:58   •   2014Dec24